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After some months where we didn't have time to update the site, we've added now Kanji in MangaLand 2, the second installment of the most innovative kanji-learning method. We hope you like it!

A very good friend has left us this morning

Nobody likes to break this kind of news. Alberto Aldarabí, mostly known as “Tenchi”, died early this morning at the early age of 36. For six months, he had been fighting with an illness we all thought he had almost beaten, but who finally beat him. From here, we want to remember this wonderful person who brought joy, harmony and a big whole-hearted smile wherever he went, and who always had a piece of advice when needed. Above all, he was a great, great friend to all. Now he leaves us with his memory and his works. As an author, he worked on the three books that form the Kanji in Mangaland series, together with Marc Bernabé and Verňnica Calafell. There are published in Spanish by Norma Editorial and will soon be released in English and French. He is to praise for the funniest parts of these books, some mnemotecnics and the scripts for the manga pages. As a translator, he was a master of humor, a true example to all of us. With no exaggeration, Alberto was the best translator of humor manga in Spain. The genre will mourn his loss. In this field, he was known by his remarkable job in the Spanish version of Keroro (both manga and anime), where he created some hilarious terms for the main frog characters, and Lamu, a series he translated from volume 2 to the end with amazing skill and wit, adapting Rumiko Takahashi’s jokes. His last contribution as a translator came on May 25th, where he delivered episode 256 of Keroro animation. We can therefore say that he was working with humor and energy until the very end, and we sincerely hope this helped him bear the hardships of his illness. He also translated other series such as Vietnam War, Dominion, Shin Chan movie yakiniku road, Black Jack OVAs, Tensai Bakabon, among others. And with another dear friend and translator, Ayako Koike, he worked on Hayate and Negima! as well. In the past few years, before the illness hit, he decided to live his dream and move to Japan, where he enjoyed from two very intense years of study, discoveries, and making (even more) friends. We are happy he could do it and we hope he is taking a bunch of good memories with him. We’ll keep your memory too, Alberto, forever. Rest in peace.

Marc Bernabe interviewed for the Newslater of the Japanese Consulate in NY

Marc Bernabe has been interviewed for the electronic magazine Japan Info, issued by the Consulate General of Japan in New York. This is the link where you can read the interview. http://www.ny.us.emb-japan.go.jp/en/c/japaninfo0904.html#6